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 Lea Schizas

                                    ~Author & Editor~

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Bullying is an act of intentional hurt, whether it involves physical violence or verbal abuse. Increase in awareness can prevent younger children from becoming bullying teens.

Bullying may involve:






Name calling


Ignoring a child


Spreading rumors/lies about them

There are those who have the notion this is a natural process in children as they grow up. This is wrong. If bullying isn’t stopped at a young age these children grow up and become teen bullies with actions stronger that may land them in jail, such as stealing from their victims and hitting becomes more violent.

Their actions can and have caused others to consider or even move on to suicide.

My book, Bubba and Giganto: Odds Against Us deals with this issue, giving both sides of the story, the victim’s and the bully’s.

Here’s the summary:

Bubba  hates it when his dad gets a contract for a new project. That means uprooting the family from one city and moving to another. Attending a new school is a major pet peeve of his. His smart alecky nature attracts the bullies in every school he’s attended.

On the first day of school, Bubba bumps into this rather large student. Fearing a confrontation, he wears his tough guy attitude and waits for the punches to begin. Remarkably, the new student apologizes and Bubba and David (aka Giganto as Bubba eventually nicknames him) become best friends.

Bubba and Giganto try out for the high school soccer team and that’s when trouble begins. Bubba knew eventually he’d meet the bullies of the school and he was right.

In the first initial weeks, Bubba learns about a death that occurred the previous year, faces the bullies on several occasions, helps Giganto practice soccer before tryouts, and challenges the bullies to a scrimmage.

Little did Bubba know Giganto held a secret, one that will place Giganto in a deadly situation.

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ISBN – 13: 978-0-9797513-6-3