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                             Lea Schizas

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What can I say? I'm a very busy gal...and loving it!

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Doorman's Creek

Young Adult Paranormal Suspense/Thriller


Take a Tour into my Writing Career

 - January 28 -guest speakers at Cinema du Parc at premiere of the documentary The Horse Boy
- now editing for Lyrical Press and Damnation Books
- The 2009 Muse Online Writers Conference was another success:
- Newest review for Bubba and Giganto: Odds Against Us
- Recieved 2 contracts for 2 Children's Picbooks: I Don't Want A Haircut and Robbie and Katie Get A Hairy Scare, both from Guardian Angel Publishing
- Apollo's Lyre is launching its new site and new issue in June 2009. Calls for submissions now open.
- Came in 4th in the Most Influential Women in 2009 to follow.
In the 20 nominations with some remarkable women for The Most Influential Women in 2009 to follow. The top ten will be announced later in January. Stay tuned and link to to find out the latest scoop.
- Got my own BlogTalk Radio Show: The Writing Jungle - where the lions and tigers and bears...oh my!...are the authors and editors and publishers of the writing world. Click on my homepage for more information.
- Dec 1: Review of Dream Realm horror division winner: Bitten by K.L. Nappier:
- Dec 1: Blog book tour at Nancy Famolari's blog all week:
- November 13 - just signed and delivered my newest contract to 4RV Publishing for my children's story
picture book Libby the Odd Squirrel. Publication is set for 2010. Stay tuned for more info.
- November 8 - Litsa and I were one of four guest speakers at the 3rd Annual Autism Awareness Gala to benefit
the Montreal Children's Hospital Autism Clinic. The event raised $33,000.
- November 1st Litsa and I greeted and met over 200 people at Lululemon to launch our  Autism Awareness Campaign.
Check out our Shaking the System blog and Website for more info.
- interviewed by Joyce Adair - Writing the Danger blog
- interviewed by three newspaper journalists for the upcoming book I am co-authoring, Autism Epidemic: Shaking the System.
- Invited along with my co-writer Litsa Kamateros, to be guest speakers at the 3rd annual Gala to raise funds for the Montreal Children's Hospital for research into the causes of autism. The Gala will be held November 8th. More information on our site:  We were honored to have been in touch with Senator Jim Munson, an advocate for families with children who have autism. He accepted our invitation to speak and attend the Gala with us.
- My co-writer, Litsa Kamateros, has been working her pretty legs off and creating quite a buzz for our upcoming book, Autism Epidemic: Shaking the System. Although the book is only in the beginning stages, the buzz is needed to get parents of autistic children, teachers, caregivers, and autistic adults to fill out our questionnaires that will help us gather our data. Also, we invite them to send us their stories. For more details, click to AUTISM EPIDEMIC
- The Voice in the Dark, Mayra Calvani's newsletter, accepts my "Don't Close That Door" children's article
-Red Rose Publishing welcomes me as the Editor in Chief 
- The Writing Jungle - I began posting all about my life and writing career to help mom writers with children get a glimpse on how I organize, stress, yell, and everything else that comes with this territory in order to show them if I can do it ( a mom with five kids) they can.
- Bubba & Giganto by Lea Schizas - Middle grade/YA chapter book - published by 4RV Publishing -
- Hollywood Experts, edited and compiled by Marilyn Peake, and featuring one of my own articles in this book, won the 2007 Silver Foreword Magazine Book of the Year awards.
- Twisted Tales: Volume II: Book I features my "The Librarian Who Wasn't" short story. The anthology was a finalist in the 2008 Eppie Awards.
- Interview conducted by Donna McDine on the National Writing for Children Center:
- The anthology, "The Enchanted Fairie" will be published by TWRP, White Rose Publishing.
My story, Night of the Gray Sky is one of six stories in this anthology.
 - Apollo's Lyre won the Top Ten award for Poetry eZine and The Muse Marquee won Top Ten award
for Nonfiction Column/Zine. These awards came from the Preditors and Editors Readers Poll hosted in January 2008.
 - My middle grade chapter book, Bubba and Giganto, is presently with a publisher. More details to come as they come.
- Insightful interview with Lea Schizas by Joyce Anthony-  
--The first in the series of children's picture books introducing five-year old twins
Katie and Robbie will be published by Living Waters Publishing.
~ Pen Pricks Magazine published my 55 word flash fiction in October 2007.
~ The 2007 Muse Online Conference was held and it was another bit hit. Last year we had 1286 who registered; this year - 1938.
~ I was interviewed by Kathe Gogolewski for the Mother and Daughter Club Show. The "Lea Show" is now archived here:
~I was interviewed by Cheryl Malandrinos on her blog:


~If you link here: womenonwriting. com/13-review. html
you'll get to read an interview with me conducted by Jean Lauzier from WOW, Women On Writing. Really cool and the emphasis is on our conference.

~Lea's Virtual Book Tour on Beverly Jean's Blog:
~On August 3rd, I was the guest author  taking questions from writers and readers at Beth Wylde's Yahoo group:
~Ain't Love Grand by Dana Taylor reviewed by Lea Schizas-Echleon Press
~Thanks to Lea by Margaret Fieland in her blog
~Lea Appreciation Week by Betty Jo Tucker in her Memosaic blog
~Interview with Lea Schizas by the Dark Phantom Review blog
~ Interview with Lea Schizas by Mayra Calvani for American Chronicle
~ Editor for Tiger Press
~ Editor for Loose ID Publishing
~ Interview with Lea Schizas by Rachael Byrd June 2007
~Story accepted for romance/fantasy anthology with Quill-Pen Publishing
~Interview with me by Jan Verhoeff on her blog:
-Flash fiction, "Happened Upon", published by Ascent Aspirations Magazine pubbed 2006

-A new blogzine, Branches of Life, offering readers one main topic a month for discussion:
affiliated with The Muse Promotions site:
- My article, "Move Your Plot with Dialogue" will appear in the August 2007 issue of The Writer Within Newsletter.
- "Doorman's Creek", a paranormal thrileer, published by eTreasures and available in both print and ebook formats. 
Ebook released February 1st, 2007 for only 4.00US.
Print book to be released end of March 2007 for 7.99US ONLY! Advance copies available. Link here for more info:
~Regular columnist for Mike's Writing Newsletter. Her column, Inside a Writer's Brain
~Preparations have begun for the 2007 Muse Online Writers Conference to be held October 8 - 14, 2007
~Flash fiction, "Modification...Again!" published in the January issue of Flash Tales Magazine.
~Short story, "The Librarian Who Wasn't" to appear in the soon-to-be released anthology TWISTED TAILS II
~ A Dream of Drowned Hollow by Lee Barwood reviewed by Lea Schizas
~Mike Greffen accepted my writing article, "Grab Your Reader With Conflict" set to be published in January's 2007 issue
of Mike's Writing Newsletter.
~Zany Aunt Martha-Short Story- Publishing November 2006 in Bewildering Stories eZine 
~Danger to Society - flash fiction by Lea Schizas
published in the print magazine: 63 Channels
October 2006
~Ten Little Tips From Lea Schizas 
publishing in Bobbin' Around 
October 2006
~Was interviewed by Book Exclusives Newsletter by Editor Diane J. Newton in the February 2006 Newsletter.

_ THE MUSE ONLINE WRITERS CONFERENCE took place October 9 - 13, 2006. FREE registration, FREE workshops,
FREE ebook for everyone at the end with loads of goodies.

- will be a judge for an upcoming EPIC contest.

- Newest Muse Anthology, "Aleatory's Junction", just released in October by Double Dragon Publishing
~Editor for Double Dragon Publishing
~The Muse On Writing edited by Lea Schizas and co-authored reviewed by Norman Goldwell
~Interview with Lea Schizas by Susan Stephenson-Absolute Write
~Tri-Studio conducted an interview with Lea and also surprised her with a tribute to her dedication to the writing
profession and to other writers:
~Article "Response to Binary Code" - The Writer Within Newsletter - March 1st 2005
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
~"Awesome Endings" - The Writer Within Newsletter - Sept 2005
~Long Story Short just accepted her short short story
"Alleviation" for their November 2005 issue.

~"Being a Parent Does Not Make 'A Parent'" article 2005 published at:
"The Cat's Meow for Writers & Readers" ezine
~Interview with Lea Schizas by Donna Sundblad -2005
Link above in Dr. Bob's Bobbing Around Newsletter and
you'll find my review on Queen Power by Allyn Evans
and a writing article by me.
~Now Available: 'Cassiopeia' flash fiction by Lea Schizas in anthology published by Purple Pen  "The Other Side of the Doorbell"
and can be purchased via Purple Pen or Amazon.
~"Final Stage" -flash fiction-
~Finished Screenplay: 'Doorman's Creek' -thriller
~"Editing Headaches" in Bobbing Around by Dr. Bob Rich
~"Grab the Queen Power: Live Your Best Life" by Allyn Evans reviewed by Lea in Bobbing Around by Dr. Bob Rich
~Interview with Jule Selbo & Laura Peters - Writer's Crossing and Long Story Short
~Feature Article - The Writer Within March 2005 Newsletter
~Reviewer for AllBooks
~Interview with Lea Schizas by Susan Stephenson

~Recent Reviews by Lea Schizas
2004 Writing Accomplishments
- New Year's Eve Laxative - short story published in Apollo's Lyre, December 2004
- Internal and External Conflicts - writing article published in Apollo's Lyre, December 2004
~'Interview with Canadians' - Very first article published in 2000
~'Interview with Charles Langley' by Lea Schizas published in Apollo's Lyre. Part 1  and  Part 2
~'No More' - Short Story Competition Winner at Writers Crossing
~'Season of Sorrow' - flash fiction published in F2K's Top Stories
~'Editing Headache' - writing article published in The Writing Room Magazine
~Judge for writing contest at Mommy Tales Newsletter
~Judge for writing contest at Apollo's Lyre.