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Pen Perfect Associates - experienced editors for your manuscripts.

Editors: Lea Schizas & Ansley Blackstock

Editing Services:

*Accepted genres:

    Mystery - Thrillers/Suspense/Dark fiction - Romance and its sub-genres, including Erotica - Fantasy -Young Adult - Middle Grade  

    *manuscripts or short stories via attachments when requested ONLY

    * spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, plot movement, character profile, POV and word usage...

    basically everything possible to tighten your manuscript before submitting to a publication venue.


An In-depth Critique: First three chapters -  suggestions about sentence length, word choice, plot, POV, voice, your opening to hook your reader, suggestions on how to improve the protagonist's voice, dialogue. $80.00


  • your beginning - this is where you hook your reader
  • POV - if consistent throughout
  • story development
  • sentence length, wordiness - suggestions on how to improve and cut unnecessary words
  • dialogue




    Short Stories under 2000 words:.....................................................................


    Short Stories 2000 - 6000 words:.....................................................................






    $2 - 3 a page

    depending on needs of ms





    Fixed fee of $15.00


    Fixed fee of $40.00


    A page is based on:  double spaced, 250-words, 12-point font (Times or Courier), 1" margins.


    Send the editor a query with a write up on your book, word count, along with your name and tentative date when you'd like the edits back.

    Payment can be done either by Paypal, or via snail mail. We ask for half before the work is done, and the rest when the manuscript is finished.

    Lea: I work the first chapter with you so you get a 'feel' for my method of editing and then we lock the deal.

    Funds are in US$.

    References are available upon request.

    Along with the edits, comments to reflect a 'reader's' point of view will also be offered.

      Feel free to email:

    Lea Schizas:

    Ansley Blackstock:

    Turnaround time depends on length of project.



        Frequently Asked Questions:

        Q:  Canít I just send my manuscript to an agent or publisher as is?

        A:  Of course you can.  Just remember that most publishing houses want to see a polished and presentable manuscript.  This will open the door for you.  You want to captivate the editor from the beginning. A manuscript riddled with mistakes will only close that door before they have had a chance to glimpse your story. This is why you need the services of a professional editor.

        Q:  Will you guarantee I will be represented and/or published if you edit my work?

        A:  I wish I could but it would be untrue and unethical for me to offer such a guarantee.  What I do offer is to give your manuscript the best chance to be read by a publisher by pointing out and editing areas you may have missed. 

        Q:  Who is this service geared for?

        A:  I edit all types of fictional novels written by novice or seasoned writers.

        Q: Are there any hidden charges?

        A: Absolutely not. What I quote you is what I honor.

        Q: What type of payment do you accept?

        A: You can either pay using Paypal or send me a cheque via snail mail.

        Q: How long will it take to edit my manuscript?

        A: Seeing that I work with the writer, it will depend on how quickly he/she hands in the rewrites. On the average, it's usually anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks.

    Q: Will you help me find an agent/publisher?

        A: On an ethical standpoint, I cannot help you but will mention places where some of my clients have been published. It will be entirely up to you to seek these markets out.

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