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Libby the Odd Squirrel

by Lea Schizas

Children's picture book about bullying

All Libby wants is to make friends with the gray squirrels, but the leader shuns her. Until one snowy storm brews a mean downfall and Libby hears a call for HELP!


The Halloween Dino Trip

by Lea Schizas

Middle grade chapter book

Book 1 in the Jillian Waylan Mystery Adventures

Published by MuseItUp Publishing

The Autism Epidemic: Shaking the System

by Litsa Kamateros & Lea Schizas


Published by MuseItUp Publishing

Bubba & Giganto:

Odds Against Them

by Lea Schizas

I hate my name, Bubba, because it gives bullies an excuse to bug me, especially when I start to a new school. So what do I do the first day I step off the bus? Bump into the biggest kid there.

However, instead of slugging me, Giganto, as I call David, becomes my friend. Are we ever different: quiet, non-confrontational Giganto and tough with a temper me.

But David has a secret -- a dangerous secret.

Bullying Giganto seems the norm at school, until I step in. After a few exchanges of words between the bullies and me and a soccer challenge, Giganto's deadly secret will be revealed.

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Doorman's Creek

by Lea Schizas

Young Adult Paranormal Thriller

When Kyle Anderson and his two buddies  decide to explore a cave hidden within Doorman's Creek, the last thing they expected to find was a skeleton... and an unknown entity, throwing them right into the path of a serial killer.

Faced with a sudden gift of visions into past and present disappearances, Kyle must now track down who the murderer is before another family member gets killed.

I Don't Want A Haircut!
by Lea Schizas
Children's Picture Book
A little boy’s imagination goes wild during his first salon haircut. Even with comforting words by his stylist, little Harry imagines bees buzzing around his ears, a giant pulling on his ears, and even spaceships landing on his head. But Harry gets a surprise when he looks in the mirror.


Guardian Angel Publishing