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Welcome to my writer's homeland. I'm a freelance writer and editor, and founder of several award-winning sites and ezines.

I also host the Writing Jungle Internet Radio Show: where the lions and tigers and bears...oh my!...are the authors and editors and publishers in the writing world.  Click here for more information.


Articles on Bullying

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Young Adult



Chris Speakman reviewer for FMAM

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Carpathian Shadows:

Volume Two

Now Available

Read what ChrisChat Reviews had to say about Volume II

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Hot off the Press!
Came in 2nd place in the PE 2008 Voting Polls
Ebook only $6.00
In 1678, six maidens seek happiness, love, and passion in the Highlands of Scotland. A land where myth and truth have no borders, where good shares a bed with evil, where spells can be made, and even broken. Gypsy, Alishandra Orona, has the power and the magic to unleash their wildest dreams. But the price is high, if not nigh impossible. Fall in love with the mystique, magic, and the forbidden in the world of The Enchanted Faerie.
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Finalist in the 2007

and Eppie 2008 Finalist

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Silver Winner

in the 2007

The Midwest Book Review has added this book to their Writer's
Bookshelf and includes the following advice in their
review: "Useful, practical, and an easy read, 'From Hollywood
Experts And Published Authors' is strongly recommended for anyone
aspiring to a career as a professional writer regardless of genre or

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Hot off the Press!

I Don't Want A Haircut!

children's picture book coming soon from Guardian Angel!

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My children's picbook, Robbie and Katie Get A Hairy Scare, was contracted by Guardian Angels Publishing. This makes three picbooks contracted since December 2008. The other two are:

I Don't Want A Haircut - Guardian Angels Publishng

Libby the Odd Squirrel - 4RV Publishing

Stay tuned for updates on these books

 Just found out Twilight Times is interested in my new middle grade chapter book series. Stay tuned

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Now Available

My newest Middle Grade/YA novella,

Bubba & Giganto: Odds Against Them

is now available at:


When Bubba starts a new school, he expects to be
bullied due to his name, as usual. Instead, he
bumps into the largest kid there. Both band
together against the bullies and a deadly secret.

Order your copy now!


Read the review by author Beverly Stowe McClure.

Nancy Famolari - author: "Exciting soccer games, a special friendship, and a hint of mystery make Bubba and Giganto: Against the Odds a book that will win the hearts of middle-grade boys and girls...Bubba and Giganto: would be an excellent choice for a class discussion in grades 6 – 8 on how to deal with bullying." Read the full review here.

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Hot off the Press!

I'm in the process of a new project with a co-author:
Autism Epidemic: Shaking the System
For more information, please link to our site:

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I came in 4th Place.


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