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Here's a peek at my published books so far.


Rock of Realm  There are scarier things in life than being a teenager. What if you were hit with the realization you were a another realm? A Young Adult fantasy novel - adventure, discovery, bravery, and friendship all mingled in one book. Suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

The Muse On Writing  A MUST HAVE writer's reference guide. This book was authored by 18 writers around the world, each placing their experienced input on their subject matter. Link to the site, then to SNEAK PEEK to get a glimpse what we have to offer you.


Books in the Making:

  • Billy and Cathy  Family drama about one brother's instance of madness that may ruin his relationship with his sister.


  • The Little Old Lady Who Loved to Crochet 
  a children's picture book about sharing


  • I Don't Want A Haircut 
  a childrens picture book about a little boy's visit to the hairdresser. Harry has quite an imagination; everything from flying saucers, buzzing bees, tornadoes to a giant pulling on his ears. A delightful read.


  • Zylorp and The Brother's Three -a sci-fi -One warrior fights a war he believes is wrong. A decision he ultimately makes finds him sentenced to death. Now only one woman can save his life, but will he allow her?


  • Gifted: Cursed? -Gifted since birth, Amanda Anderson grants a dying girl's wish to live and ends up in a coma. Now fifteen year old Linda Anderson unwillingly inherits this gift knowing that for every wish granted something from her family will be taken away, she is faced with the dilemma to make one more wish to free her mother from her coma. But she needs to locate the one person who can assure her no harm will come to her family, taking her through Greece's older villages and some of the hidden witches within.


  • Doorman's Creek  -thriller screenplay- The killer targeted a family member, now Tommy has to find him before the killer strikes again.
And here's a letter from my main character in Doorman's Creek to better acquaint you with his plight in the book: 
"Hey Lea.
  Don't know what to say. At times I feel like my parents think I'm off my rocker and that pisses the daylights out of me. If they would only listen to me instead of 'telling' me I'm probably connecting dreams to a movie I saw, then I'd open up more.
  It's really frightening dreaming about these girls getting killed. I feel as though they are reaching out to me to help them, you know, find the killer. But I don't know where to begin. If it weren't for my friends, Shawn and Bradley, I guess our investigation would get no where. We have made some leads and the biggest is that a cop is definetely involved. Not sure how but my intuition tells me it's a cop.
  Now, don't get me started about all the freaky shit I experienced in the cave. Hehehehe, will never forget Shawn's and Bradley's faces when all that mumbo jumbo Exorcist moanings were coming out of my mouth. They went white. It's not funny, I know, cos I was scared shitless, too, but thinking back now, it was a funny sight to see.
  One good thing is that I believe my mom is coming around. She's been having these wierd dreams about this Dr. Death guy so I think she's beginning to believe me. Not sure if our dreams are connected somehow but I'm going to find out.
  Right now, we've made two awesome discoveries. We discovered, thanks to my dreams, where those two dead girls from about ten years ago are buried. Now I'm off to tell dad at the precinct. Hope he believes me.

Kyle Anderson

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