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Want to get published?

Then two sets of eyes are better than one!

Do you have a book, short story (children's or adult's) or newsletter that requires some editing?   Then you're in luck.

It doesn't matter what you write. The important part in subbing a manuscript is to have it as honed as possible.  Submitting a story riddled with errors will only guarantee a rejection letter.  And a writer is not always the best judge to spot their own flaws.  This is where the second pair of eyes may be helpful.

Editing Services:

* spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, plot movement, character profile, POV and word usage...basically everything possible to tighten your manuscript before submitting to a publication venue.

Price Structure: 

A page is based on:  double spaced, 250-words, 12-point font (Times or Courier), 1" margins.

Fee:  $1.00 per page.


Send me a query with a write up on your book, word count, along with your name and tentative date when you'd like the edits back.

Depending on how large the project is, I will either ask for half of the payment (either Paypal or a cheque) up front or as soon as the project is finished.

Funds are in US$.

Along with the edits, comments to reflect a 'reader's' point of view will also be offered.

  Feel free to email me at:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Canít I just send my manuscript to an agent or publisher as is?

A:  Of course you can.  Just remember that most publishing houses want to see a polished and presentable manuscript.  This will open the door for you.  You want to captivate the editor from the beginning. A manuscript riddled with mistakes will only close that door before they have had a chance to glimpse your story. This is why you need the services of a professional editor.

Q:  Will you guarantee I will be represented and/or published if you edit my work?

A:  I wish I could but it would be untrue and unethical for me to offer such a guarantee.  What I do offer is to give your manuscript the best chance to be read by a publisher by pointing out and editing items you may have missed. 

Q:  Who is this service geared for?

A:  I edit all types of fiction and novels written by novice or seasoned writers.

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