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Young Adult Fantasy

The Muse On Writing

What can I say? I'm a very busy gal...and loving it!


I was born in Montreal, Canada and writing as far back as I can remember. I didn't seriously start up again until 2000, when I picked up my first Writer's Digest magazine in a very long time. Within three months I had written my first screenplay, and the below accomplishments are just some of the many endeavors I find myself in. And between you and me, I love this writing world.

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Take a Tour into my Writing Career

~Author of the YA Fantasy Novel, The Rock of Realm,
Top Ten Winner in Book Art Work in P&E 2005 Polls
~Editor in Chief and co-founder of Apollo's Lyre, (Preditors and Editors award-winning Zine and one of Writer's Digest 101 Best Writing Sites of 2005) 
First Place Winner in the P&E 2005 Voting Polls for Poetry Zine
~Founder of The MuseItUp Club (Writer's Digest 101 Best Writing Sites of 2005 and Preditors and Editors Most Useful Site Award recipient)
~Founder of The Muse Marquee  


~Copy Editor for Double Dragon Publishing
~Copy Editor for Four Girls Publishing
~Reviewer for AllBooksReview
~Co-Founder of  Coffee Cramp eZine
  Lea will be teaching two courses:
  Writing Children's Fiction and Writing Fiction Express

2006 Writing Accomplishments

~Was interviewed by Book Exclusives Newsletter by Editor Diane J. Newton in the February 2006 Newsletter.

_ THE MUSE ONLINE WRITERS CONFERENCE took place October 9 - 13, 2006. FREE registration, FREE workshops, FREE ebook for everyone at the end with loads of goodies.

- will be a judge for an upcoming EPIC contest.

- Newest Muse Anthology, "Aleatory's Junction", just received an e-book contract from Double Dragon Publishing. I edited and wrote a continuous part of the book.


2005 Writing Accomplishments:
~Tri-Studio conducted an interview with Lea and also surprised her with a tribute to her dedication to the writing profession and to other writers:
~Article "Response to Binary Code" - The Writer Within Newsletter - March 1st 2005
~"Awesome Endings" - The Writer Within Newsletter - Sept 2005
~Long Story Short just accepted her short short story
"Alleviation" for their November 2005 issue.
~"Being a Parent Does Not Make 'A Parent'" article 2005 published at:
"The Cat's Meow for Writers & Readers" ezine
Link above in Dr. Bob's Bobbing Around Newsletter and
you'll find my review on Queen Power by Allyn Evans
and a writing article by me.
~Finished Novel: 'Rock of Realm' - YA fantasy novel -released April 2005 - Published by Star Publish
~Now Available: 'Cassiopeia' flash fiction by Lea Schizas in anthology published by Purple Pen  "The Other Side of the Doorbell"and can be purchased via Purple Pen or Amazon.
~"Final Stage" -flash fiction-
~Finished Screenplay: 'Doorman's Creek' -thriller
~"Editing Headaches" in Bobbing Around by Dr. Bob Rich
~"Grab the Queen Power: Live Your Best Life" by Allyn Evans reviewed by Lea in Bobbing Around by Dr. Bob Rich
~Interview with Jule Selbo & Laura Peters - Writer's Crossing and Long Story Short
~Feature Article - The Writer Within March 2005 Newsletter

2004 Writing Accomplishments

- New Year's Eve Laxative - short story published in Apollo's Lyre, December 2004
- Internal and External Conflicts - writing article published in Apollo's Lyre, December 2004

~'Interview with Canadians' - Very first article published in 2000

~'Interview with Charles Langley' by Lea Schizas published in Apollo's Lyre. Part 1  and  Part 2
~'No More' - Short Story Competition Winner at Writers Crossing
~'Season of Sorrow' - flash fiction published in F2K's Top Stories
~'Editing Headache' - writing article published in The Writing Room Magazine
~Judge for writing contest at Mommy Tales Newsletter
~Judge for writing contest at Apollo's Lyre.



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