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                           Lea Schizas

                                    ~Author & Editor~

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Shaking the System - blog

My co-writer, Litsa Kamateros, and I are seeking personal autism stories. You can check out our site and email us at:

For parents, teachers, and children: FREE 27 page Holiday Issue of Pages and
Pens filled with fun coloring pages, and interesting family articles:



43 page Writing from the Soul: Critiques Don't Bite
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museitupeditor@ You may offer it for FREE on your own
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Holiday Short Story by Lea Schizas



Woohoo. Got the Honest Scrap Award. Read 10 honest things about me and the 7 blogs/sites I named for this award


Writing Habits



But What Should I Write About?


Your Writing Space and Determination



Lea’s Rotating Disc Method

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